Our Staff

Our Staff

Kela Caldwell
Funeral Assistant

Kela is a member of the Griffin Leggett family. She is a native Hawaiian who now lives in Little Rock. She enjoys meeting people and spending time with her family.

Patrick Carpenter
Funeral Assistant

Patrick is a funeral assistant for Griffin Leggett. He is a retired U.S. Marshall and served with the Arkansas Supreme Court. He is married and lives in Little Rock.

David Fogarty
Family Service/Pre-Planning Specialist

Diane Gardner

Diane joined the Stewart family in 2007. She is originally from St. Louis, MO but has lived in Arkansas the majority of her life and currently resides in Little Rock. Diane has recently received her certification as a Grief Counselor. She enjoys spending time with her husband Van and their canine kids-Nyla and Riley.

Dave LaFevers
Funeral Director/ Embalmer

Dave is a native of St. Louis, MO. In 1982, he started working for Stewart Enterprises at Griffin Leggett Healey & Roth. He lives two miles outside of Little Rock city limits with his wife, Deanna.

Kim Linker
Cemetery Administrator

Kim enjoys being a part of the Griffin Leggett family. She loves spending time with her husband, Tim, and their two children, Ryan and Madison.

Yolanda Marion
Family Service/Pre-Planning Specialist

Yolanda is a recent addition to the Griffin Leggett family. Her compassion and consideration shines when she meets with families.

Melissa Pfohl
Family Service/Pre-Planning Specialist

Melissa has been in the caring business most of her career and it has really shown in her transition into the death care profession. She has only been with us for one year, but her past experience has been a real blessing when comforting and assisting families of Griffin Leggett.

John Shearer
Funeral Director

John is a funeral director for Griffin Leggett. He is married and lives in Little Rock. He enjoys spending time with his wife, kids and grandkids.

Kenniann Summerell
Director of Community Relations/ Arkansas Market

Kenniann was born in Shreveport, LA and grew up in Baton Rouge, LA. She started working for Stewart Enterprises in the Arkansas market eleven years ago. She is a member of Arkansas Passionate End of life Care Committee, a Board Member of the Arkansas Hospice Foundation and Chairperson of the Little Rock, Hot Springs, Saline County, and Conway Senior Services Networking Group. She enjoys spending time with her sons and grandson.

Kim Thibodaux
Director of Operations/ Arkansas Market

Kim was born in Topeka, KS and moved to New Orleans, LA where she lived for 27 years. She has lived in Arkansas for the past 5 years but has been with Stewart Enterprises since 1999. Kim resides in Houston, AR with her husband, John, daughter, Katelyn and grandson, Troy. Kim is the Director of Operations for the Arkansas Market.

John Thibodaux

John is the Park Superintendent for Pinecrest Memorial Park, Forest Hills Memorial Park, and Rest Hills Memorial Park. He is an avid fisherman and lives in Houston, Ar. with his wife, Kim. He is the father of Katelyn Thibodaux and the grandfather of Troy Cody.

Katelyn Thibodaux
Funeral Director Intern

Katelyn Thibodaux was born in New Orleans, LA. She is working on her Associates Degree in Funeral Science at Arkansas State University. Katelyn lives in Conway, Ar with her son, Troy Cody.

Ben Viguerie
Manager of Community and Family Service

Ben has been with Griffin Leggett family since 2008. He is from the Little Rock area and is a graduate of the University of Arkansas.